Offsite Construction providing safer working conditions

It is estimated that Offsite Construction accounts for approximately 10% of the UK construction industry, it is forecast that this will rise to over 20% in the next ten years, thanks in part to Government endorsement of Offsite Construction through Homes England funding. With over 80% of Offsite Construction projects being completed in a controlled […]

Press release: What role can Modular Construction play in delivering Net Zero Buildings?

With the Construction Industry accounting for nearly 40% of global emissions, to deliver the Government carbon reduction targets, traditional thinking and practices are changing, here Antonio Lopez of Stelling Properties explores the role Modular Construction can play in delivering Net Zero Buildings. What first needs to be recognised is that delivering Net Zero Buildings requires a focus on both the operational carbon and embedded carbon.

Press release: Stelling Properties believes Modular construction for Meanwhile Housing schemes could be the answer to reducing hospital readmissions for the homeless

Following the Government’s announcement that it will provide extra funding for pilot schemes to provide temporary housing and extra care for the homeless that have recently been released from hospital, Stelling Properties is calling on those responsible for delivering the pilot programs, to look at modular construction as a way of accelerating the delivery of the homes needed. 

Press release: Stelling Properties Response to Budget 2021

Stelling Properties is pleased the Government used the autumn budget to earmark £11.5bn pounds to support the construction of around 180,000 affordable homes and £1.8bn on bringing brownfield sites into use.   However, Stelling Properties calls on all the agencies involved to work together to deliver these much-needed high quality sustainable homes quickly, that includes expediating the planning process and using modular construction to reduce material waste and deliver these high-quality sustainable homes in the shortest timeframe possible to help address the housing crisis.

Modular construction – The future is here

The construction industry is ready for disruption. It is not going to happen overnight. However, the traditional way of building by sending people to a muddy field, delivering tonnes of material and leaving them exposed to the weather conditions, to be fitted in an environment riddled with potential safety issues doesn’t make much sense anymore.

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